W3N 2023
W3N 2023

W3N 2023

W3N 2023 - Web3/AI conference, held in the border town of Narva, serves as a powerful emblem of innovation and freedom. 300+ attendees, 30+ speakers, 2 days of sessions and 1 awesome afterparty, set against a backdrop where histories and futures converge, the event stands as a testament to the possibilities that emerge when technology meets collaboration.

By embracing the latest in Web3, AI, and digital art, it aims not only to advance global digital frontiers but to reignite the promise and potential of “once-lost” regions. In these complex times, when borders seem more evident than ever, Narva stands as a reminder of the power of convergence, collaboration, and community. It underscores the message that no matter where we come from, shared visions of democracy, freedom, and progress can bring us together.

‘W3N 2023’ will attract hundreds of attendees and visitors from across the globe to enjoy showcases, prominent keynote speeches and interactive panel discussions. In addition to the programme, attendees will also be able to pitch their ideas or startups to a panel of judges for a chance to win big.

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