Signal Processing Promo Event
Signal Processing Promo Event

Signal Processing Promo Event

Professor Simon Maskell will give a keynote talk on the intersection of mathematics and computing, bridging the disciplines of signal processing in the Engineering community and machine learning in the Computer Science community, both underpinned by mathematics and statistics and their respective communities, to promote the IMA Mathematics in Signal Processing 2022 conference. A panel discussion regarding the future of signal processing conferences in an era dominated by machine learning will follow the keynote talk.

Professor Simon Maskell is a Professor of Autonomous Systems at the University of Liverpool, where he works at the crossroads of computer science, engineering, and statistics. Simon’s research focuses on creating ground-breaking algorithmic solutions that may be utilized to gain a competitive advantage in a variety of industries and government agencies. Simon’s solutions have helped companies in the defense, security, insurance, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and transportation industries, among others.

Several specialists from the signal processing and machine learning communities from the UK and throughout the world will speak on the panel.

Background to the Signal Processing Promo Event

The IMA Mathematics in Signal Processing conference has been conducted 11 times since its inception in 1985 in Bath, with the most recent being held in Birmingham in 2016. The 12th conference was scheduled for May 2022, however, only a few applications were received. According to our sources, the pandemic has had a significant influence on the restarting of various conventions.

However, in view of the significant expansion of data-driven and deep learning-based approaches to solve difficulties in the signal processing area, we feel it is also time to reassess the conference’s scope and nomenclature. Although the last call for papers acknowledged this shift in scope, we feel that now is the time to explore renaming and rebranding the conference to more overtly highlight the transition to data-driven methods.

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