Global Cybersecurity Forum 2022

Global Cybersecurity Forum 2022

Today’s cyber scene is more complex than ever. It affects every aspect of our lives and crosses all boundaries. With the ever-changing socioeconomic and geopolitical factors that shape global Cyberspace, there are unique chances for which we must prepare and seize.

The Forum, which was organized by Saudi Arabia’s National Cybersecurity Authority, will return in 2022 with the topic “Rethinking the Global Cyber Order.” The first sub-theme, geo-cyber evolution, is concerned with comprehending the changing international cyberspace order. Session topics will include geo-technological competitiveness and conflict, as well as opportunities for a stable and peaceful internet. The second sub-theme will map the disruptive frontier, present, and future cybersecurity concerns, and investigate the use of future technologies as remedies. Cyber economics, the third sub-theme, defines how market forces, incentives, and economic governance shape cyberspace. These talks will look at the economic dynamics that impact cyber behavior, double-click on the collaborative, proactive steps that the public and private sectors can take to advance cybersecurity innovation, and examine the psychology of cybercriminals.

The fourth sub-theme, the future of cyber work, will feature sessions on how to attract, retain, and foster highly skilled talent by understanding challenges and incentivization, as well as the different dimensions of competition, in order to examine the human dimensions of cybersecurity and how it intersects with the workforce. The last sub-theme, no one left behind, aims to close global cyber divisions and guarantee that cybersecurity benefits and supports all people and societies. Sessions will explore important problems women experience in cybersecurity and how to address core causes, how to create greater diversity and inclusion, and how to ensure children around the world may benefit safely from the opportunities provided by cyberspace. The GCF will introduce new perspectives and thought leadership, fostering collaboration, innovation, and investment across industries, and will be hosted by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The event will bring together the brightest brains from the government, the commercial sector, civil society, and academia to drive socioeconomic change toward a safer Cyberspace and promote the global cybersecurity agenda.

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